an inside look at the latest method books for guitar

Mastering Guitar Chords in Open Position Using I vi IV V
The I - vi - IV - V chord progression is one of the most popular in popular music.  "Mastering Guitar Chords..." takes the practicing guitarist through this progression in all twelve keys.  Includes a chord chart, practice log, and valuable tips for those new to playing guitar chords.  Available as an e-book. 


Instrumental Musician's Folio Series Guitar Book I
The debut of Instrumental Musicians Folio Series includes 68 etudes for the guitar.  The collection features duets and solo pieces that are enjoyable to play and serve to develop technical skills as well as reading from standard notation.  Available as an e-book.

Quick Start Guide to the Guitar
Instrumental Musician's Quick Start Guide to the Guitar delivers concise guitar instruction for the beginner or those with a background in music.  Fundamentals are evenly paced and topics that guitarists are interested in such as chords and playing technique are explored...all while learning to read music in standard notation.  A must have for anyone interested in learning to play the guitar at an accelerated pace to play and understand the music that led to the choice to pick up the instrument.  Available as an e-book.