Instrumental Musician offers a variety of method books and additional resources for musicians who study at home.  All of the method books are designed specifically for self-study.  Mastering Guitar Chords Using I-vi-IV-V includes a practice log and master chord chart for quick reference while playing from other songbooks.  The concise program allows the guitarist to quickly gain familiarity and mastery of the essential chords for the guitar. 

The Quick Start Guide to the Guitar was designed to be the ultimate resource for anyone who wishes to not only learn to play the guitar, but also to truly understand music and music notation.  The terms all musicians encounter are defined clearly and concisely and all concepts are presented in a series of exercises that are fun, engaging, and entirely original.  Learning guitar and music is a joy with this method.  Intended for guitarists of all ages, The Quick Start Guide is especially useful for younger players due to its original approach to mastering the basic mechanics of picking and fretting notes while learning notation at the same time.

A supplement to the Quick Start Guide was published to offer opportunities for ensemble guitar playing including duets, rounds, and exercises in unison that can be used by multiple players:  Instrumental Musician's Folio Series Guitar Book I includes 68 supplemental exercises for the practicing guitarist.  Each of the 21 folios included in the volume include graded exercises that can be studied concurrently with a method book such as the Quick Start Guide to the Guitar.

The advanced player will enjoy Leaving Open Position The Ultimate Guide to Playing the Entire Guitar Fretboard Using Standard Notation.  This volume features 370 exercises that take the guitarist out of open position, where most introductory method books leave off, and explore the entire guitar.  The exercises include techniques that are commonly found in contemporary guitar performance that can be used in music outside of this volume.