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Leaving Open Position 

Stay tuned for more details about Instrumental Musician's upcoming release, Leaving Open Position.  This method book for the guitar challenges the player to explore the entire guitar fretboard through standard notation.  Every note on the entire fretboard is presented in the same manner as a new note in open position is explored in introductory books, as its own entity.  Notes are not explored as groups in a position or as part of a scale, but as their own entity, much like notes are taught in open position.  This groundbreaking approach to studying the upper range of the instrument gives the player greater confidence when reading scores as well as note location on the fretboard -- an essential skill when discussing harmony and moveable forms.

Folios for Guitar 

Instrumental Musician has just begun to assemble FOLIOS for Guitar.  The FOLIO series presents etudes and other study materials for the continuing study of an instrument, but unlike most etudes, the pieces in FOLIOS are more like short pieces of actual music.  Duets and solo pieces that are enjoyable to play and enhance skills developed while allowing the player to explore new ones.  Most of the FOLIOS will be available under the resources section of this website for free and bound collections will be available at the store.

Quick Start Guide to the Guitar 

Instrumental Musician's newest arrival, Quick Start Guide to the Guitar delivers concise guitar instruction for the beginner or those with a background in music.  Fundamentals are evenly paced and topics that guitarists are interested in such as chords and playing technique are explored...all while learning to read music in standard notation.  A must have for anyone interested in learning to play the guitar at an accelerated pace to play and understand the music that led to the choice to pick up the instrument.

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